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Our warehouse is divided into alphabetical sections A to Z each alphabetical row is then divided into a numbered section (1 to 50) each numbered sections holds goods for a specific client.

We charge either per pallet for large fulfillment customers, or for smaller customers with just a few cartons of stock.

We invoice weekly for storage and charge pro-rate, based upon the square footage used.

To determine your storage charge simply check the dimensions of each carton you wish to store for fulfillment and put the centimeter dimensions  HERE.


Within our fulfillment software, we keep a record of the supplier’s reference, description of the items, number of the items, the volumetric size, and the value of the goods.

We ensure that on the arrival of items within our warehouse the information is recorded correctly.

Before the items are placed on the distribution shelves the items are pre-packed to ensure they are protected and ready for picking and distribution.

Packing Options

Some customer’s items will arrive pre-packed, some items will need to be packed. We can add in leaflets, or promotional material, please ask us about this.

Before being placed in the assigned section of the warehouse the item is marked with the supplier’s reference referring to the specific item, to ensure we send the correct item to the customer.