We provide a list of Dangerous, Prohibited & Restriced items


Size: Make sure this is appropriate to the contents, Overloaded boxes tend to burst, underfillied boxes tend to collapse.

Strength: Choose boxes made of corrogated cardborad with good quality outer layers. Use heavy-duty, double layered cardboard for valuable items. Do not exceed the weight of the box.

Quality: Use wherever possible new boxes, if you are using old boxes then please remove all old lables.

We can supply you with a range of boxes and packing materials for use by us to fulfill your orders of deliver FREE to you when you spend over £75.

Packaging Symbols & Labels

Never use boxes that have hazadous labels or symbols on them. Parcels that contain these may be stopped in transit. Old labels should be removed.

We do not guarantee that courier companies or drivers will take notice of any “Fragile”, “This Way Up” or “Handle With Care” symbols, please package them regardless of orientation.



Use materials such as bubble wrap or losse fill polystyrene to protect your items from moving or breaking. There should be at lease 5cm of cushioning between each item, also between the carton wall.


Always place fragile items in the centre of a package ensuring the items do not touch the sides.


  • Seal your packages with quaity a guality adhesive parcel tape
  • Do not strap boxwes together label them seperately
  • Attach your label to the top side of the box
  • Attach fragile stickers so they can be seen clearly.

Whilst we and our carriers do our best to handle your goods with care, we do advise that items should be packed sufficiently packaged to withstand transit.