Why use barcode?

The data contained in a barcode is typically tied to things like SKU or purchase order. The data is accessed and displayed for the user to learn more information or take an action once the barcode is scanned.

The use of barcode can dramatically reduce costs and increase control of the PostPlan fulfillment center operations as barcode can let the business track the “what” “who” and “when” for order activities.

It is highly essential to implement barcode scanning of inventory and all key processes when shipping a high percentage of orders on the same day. Barcode scanning is 99.9999+% accurate compared to clerical keying of the manual source documents that leads to data entry errors from illegible or misinterpreted handwriting and data entry keying errors.

The use of barcodes also assures the security of high-value goods. Scanning products into the carton increases order accuracy, leading to higher customer satisfaction and eliminating mistakes.

To reduce cost and increase order throughput at PostPlan, we use barcodes through our fulfillment operations to capture real-time data of major functions. The use of barcodes allows the business to implement scanning technology and move away from paper-based process for inventory location control. It also lets us scan products for put away, replenishment, picking and returns processing.

We have now introduced barcoding throughout our fulfillment and distribution process. When a fulfillment order is produced, we will in one of our distribution centers produce a label bar coded, if a collection & delivery order is placed, we will produce a label with a bar code. This process significantly reduces errors in reading units of measure for eaches, inner packs and cases and in picking or replenishing, avoiding costly mistakes.

For returned items or inventory stock arriving we will scan each item arriving in the specific center.

This means that all items we deal with is trackable, ensuring we provide you with the best quality service.