Got expensive or fragile items that you need to store? Worry no more.
 At Post Plan Specialist Storage in Warspite Road, London we offer you the complete range of storage solutions. Based on the understanding of customer’s storage needs and the range of bespoke products.

 Post Plan crafted solutions to cater to precious and fragile items that need to be stored. Some products need to be stored in a specific way to avoid damage to the item that may incur a loss on your business in return if not stored and handled properly.

Our warehouse is divided into alphabetical sections A to Z each alphabetical row is then divided into a numbered section (1 to 50) each numbered section holds goods for a specific client.We charge either per pallet for large fulfillment customers, or for smaller customers with just a few cartons of stock.

We invoice weekly for storage and charge pro-rate, based upon the square footage used. PostPlan units are modern, clean, bright, and most importantly they are also highly secure, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your valuable business assets are in good and safe hands!

Check out our rates and sizes by clicking this link. Rest assured that we offer you the best process and a wide selection of self-storage units to choose from that will best suit your product storage requirements.

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