The risk of sending a product straight from a manufacturer to Amazon can be risky. What you may believe to be saving in preparation fees, you could easily lose if Amazon for instance mislays your items, or the items your supplier sends are not as described.

That’s where we come in. We receive your shipment and identify any potential product problems, packaging damage, saving you Amazon penalty fees, negative reviews, and unhappy customers.

We can also inspect your products, conduct labeling, bundling, and many other services to save you time, keep your customers happy, and eliminate the risk of sending faulty or misrepresented products to Amazon.

Post Plan FBA Inspection Services are perfect for Amazon users, large and small, Domestic and International.

Post Plan will save you time and money by eliminating the need to rent a warehouse/storage /office, and unnecessary expenses. With Post Plan you pay for what you need when you need it, enabling you to concentrate on marketing or sales.

Because Post Plan is also a fulfilment centre we can provide long-term storage for all your products.
To use this service you just need to do the following:

  • Purchase products from your suppliers.
  • You have your products shipped to our warehouse.
  • You provide us with your FBA shipment information.
  • We provide product inspection, damage reporting
  • We Pack, Label, Wrap, bag & Customise 
  • We organize the collection, label, and dispatch to Amazon FBA

Head to our website to find out more on how we can help meet customer expectations. https://www.postplan.co.uk/amazon-services/