PostPlan developed a customized returns management program to deliver excellent service to your shoppers and give you the most efficient, cost-effective return order solution available. You can rely on our qualified staff every step of the way!
Our site has been catered to client standards to allow a seamless consumer return process for your packages to provide a user-friendly returns process and provide transparency and visibility for you and your consumer.
On our website you can book a return from your customer to be returned initially to our fulfilment centre, and then final delivery back to yourselves, either as a number of returns or just one.

The process is very similar to booking a Fulfillment or Collection & Delivery order.

  1. Put in the name and address of where your item is to be collected from.
  2. Record the number of items and the weight.
  3. You have a choice on a return item of two service types P (Next Day Parcel) or E Next day Envelope)
  4. Enter in your Returns reference (this is a mandatory field) so we can identify the return to you.
  5. Tick if you want the return insured and the value
  6. If you require the packaging to be sent out to the client before the return, please tick the box (an example might be packing for a mobile phone return)
  7. Please note that you can submit up to 10 returns.

Please note: We charge an administration fee of £2.95 that is added to your return.

This fee covers our return process, when the item is checked in, we will:

  • Take an image of the outside packaging
  • Take an image of the inside and check all the accessories are in the box
  • If the item is available to be re-sold re-shelve it into available stock in your inventory
  • For your insurance purposes we will email this to you with a report if required