While shipping orders is one of the exciting parts of the fulfilment process, it’s also a time that can be super stressful with an ever-growing list of things to do and organize before you can hand out the order to your customer. From choosing the right packaging material to the right amount and size of boxes and everything else in between, there is so much process involved in the packing process that you have to figure out and that process alone can be overwhelming and make you stressed out.
If you’re doing all the packing by yourself, you’ll have to stock up on a variety of packing materials to protect and secure your items. Packaging is the technique to protect items for storage, distribution, and sale. For packaging, the items, different types of packaging products are used to protect your products.

Follow the steps below to order packing materials:

  • Click on the link at the top of your account page
  • Click on your item of interest and you will be taken to our other website www.postplancomsumables.co.uk
  • Create an Account, purchase the items you need

At Post Plan, we want to help you efficiently get everything in order so read on to find out more about some of the different packing materials that can help your products stay safe, secure, and look more presentable to your customers and how you can order them with just a few clicks.

Many items that come in from our clients, will come in unpacked, we check all stock into our warehouse so we know that the inventory is correct. Generally, we include it in your Pick & Pack charge, however, in some cases, some clients prefer to buy their own for us to use.

We provide all the cartons and specialist packing supplies if you use our fulfilment service or dispatch directly from your own premises. Feel free to contact us to supply any bespoke packing needs.