Custom clearance

Custom clearance

Are  you planning to import or export goods in the UK? Then, you should know about getting a Custom clearance. This is a compulsory process for all goods entering or leaving the EU. Customs clearance allows HM Customs & Excise to account for any due charges, ensure correct documentation has been used and conformity to EU law. It also allows Customs to monitor which goods are coming into or leaving the UK.

3 reasons why you should use a Customs broker

1. Making a complicated process, easy

2. Speeds up the Customs process

3. Paying a small fee which could save you a lot of money

Contact us today to see how much we would charge you for assisting you with clearing your goods through UK Customs… hopefully it would be less than you think.

So, why don’t we just say how much we charge?

Well, this depends on a few different factors, such as: the service on which your goods arrive:

·  Air

·  Sea

·  Road (Truck)

·  Ferry (Car, Van, Motorcycle, Pick-up etc.)

·  Parcel (HWDC/SPP)

Plus the place where the goods have arrived, such as:

– Manchester Airport

– Felixstowe Port


– Portsmouth

– Heathrow

Always remember, Customs clearance doesn’t have to be expensive, but choosing the wrong agent could be!