When you click on the Link “Place a Fulfillment Order” you can place up to 10 orders, if you have more than 10, just simply refresh your page and you can place another 10 orders. You will see the following to be completed.

  • The Service types we offer (please note that the Highlands & islands of Scotland and Northern Island are charged diffently to the UK Mainland)
  • Put in the name of the person completing the fulfillment order and the total items for that specific 10 lines.
  • If you have more than 10 fulfillment orders submit another sheet.
  • Please note the message about insurance, if your item is of high value then you may wish to take our extra insurance.
Our Standard FREE Insurance cover is £30, if you require extra insurance we charge £1.45 for every £50 required.

Please complete the following:

  • Complete the full name and address of the consignee (the destination)
  • Put in the full Postal Code.
  • Complete the number of items
  • Put in the weight for that items(s) (Please note that for envelopes put round kilos, example: 600gm would be classed as 1kg)
  • Put in the service type you require (Please note the before 9am, 10am, Noon or saturday are added to your base and kilo rate)
  • Put in your Purchase Reference (This might be your invoice to your customer)
  • Tick if you require Extra Insurance and put in the value of the item(s)
Our Please Note: That should a claim for insurance be made, we will take the amount that you stated, when you made the input. If the box is ticked and no value submitted we will only cover £50 extra cover.
  • Make sure that you use the calculation of size to weight ratio, as we will charge whatever is the greater (L cm A— W cm A— H cm)/5000 Example 45 x 45 x 45cm = 91,125 / 5000 = 18kg)
  • Finally after all your orders have been booked, or you reach 10 lines, tick that you accept our terms of trade and log your fulfillment Order.
  • We will attach a label to your fulfillment order along with a packing note if required
Fulfillment orders are accepted up to 4pm UK GMT.

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